Planning Your Wedding Party

The wedding ceremony and wedding party are two events that you may have been dreaming about and mentally planning since you were a little girl conducting pretend weddings with your Ken and Barbie dolls.

Planning a wedding party is one of the more complex party planning events you can tackle as a host. Many brides choose to hire wedding planners, recruit close friends to help, or choose a full service hotel with staff to make sure their day is the perfect one they imagine it to be. If you find yourself tasked with planning a wedding, either your own or for someone else, reading this article will give you some good ideas.

If your wedding is small or one that is relatively simple and modest in scope, you can be very successful in planning your own wedding with the help of a few family and friends. That’s how I planned my own small wedding and a larger one for my niece.

No matter the size however, there are some basics and special touches that all weddings require. In this article I will touch on the major areas that need planning.

Here is an initial party planning checklist that will help plan a wedding you know the things you’ll need to decide in planning a wedding party. Many of these issues can be done on a budget or in a big way. So one of the first things you need to do is set a budget! You also need to start your planning several months in advance. If it’s a really big affair you might need as much as a year to do all the planning.

____Set the date

____Set a budget – decide who will be paying for what

____Brush up on wedding etiquette

____Choose a theme and colors.

____Begin to build a wedding web-site if you want one

____Choose and book a location

____Select the bridesmaids and groomsmen

____Decide who to invite – number of guests drives the cost of your wedding party

____Send out “save the date” notices, especially if guests will be traveling

____Decide what you and your groom with wear and begin shopping

____What will be something old, new, borrowed, blue – don’t forget the “penny for my shoe.”

____Decide what your maid of honor, bridesmaids, and groomsmen with wear

____Decide on the food and kind of food service you want

____Begin planning wedding d├ęcor for the wedding ceremony and wedding party venue

____Register for gifts at merchants and department stores

____ Interview, select, and engage wedding vendors:

  • Minister or wedding officiate
  • Florist
  • Wedding cake baker
  • Photographer and or videographer
  • Caterers
  • Printers for invitations and program
  • Engage a Wedding MC
  • Disc Jockey, soloist, band, orchestra, string quartet, or other entertainment

____Discuss the rehearsal dinner with the groom’s parents

____Decide who will do your hair and makeup for the wedding and make appointments for you and your attendants

____Discuss the honeymoon and wedding night with your groom

____Make reservations for the wedding night and honeymoon

____Gift for the bride from the groom

____Gift for the groom from the bride

____Gifts for all the wedding attendants

____Wedding favors for all the guests

____Travel for family members and wedding attendants

____Decide the seating plan if you are having a sit down meal

____Decide who will make toasts at the wedding and prepare the speakers

____Hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests

____Any needs for special needs guests

____Select and purchase wedding rings

____Get the marriage license

This list should give you a good start to a once in a lifetime celebration for you and your groom as you embark on a new journey through life together.


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