Essential Computer Tips You Should Learn

I would like to share some useful computer tips and tricks

How to Lock Personal Computer with Just Single Click?

Instead of pressing “CTRL+ALT+DEL” or “Windows + L” keys to Lock Down your computer you can create an icon on your Computer desktop, with the help of this icon you can lock down your computer in single click. To create the icon:

1- Right click on free space of desktop then hover your cursor on NEW and then select SHORTCUT

2- A window/Dialogue Box named: Create Shortcut will appear on your computer screen

3- Now type given phrase in the blank space of dialogue box

Rundll 32 user32 dll, Lock Work Station And Press Next.

4- As soon as you will press Next Button, a new window will Visit:- appear and here you will see “Type a name for this shortcut”. Here you can have a name for this short-cut of your choice, I.e. Lock Computer or Log off etc.

5- Now press Finish and you will have a Short-cut icon on your desktop.

How to see your most important file on top of the other files in Windows Explorer?

If you want to see your most important file in any folder or Windows Explorer on top of the other files, so that it will be convenient and time saving for you. For that you just need to follow a simple trick:

1 – Go to the folder where you want your file should be top of the other files

2 – Right click any free space in folder and arrange these files “Sort by Type”

3 – Now click on any file of your choice then press F2 to rename the file and at the start of the name of file insert an Underscore ” _” I.e. New Document.docx to _New Document.docx.

How to Shut Down Computer Friskily?

When you shut down your computer or laptop, many programs remain in Running Process and they are not completely closed. That’s why Computers and Laptop take too much time to shut down. To resolve this problem I am going to share a very useful tip with you.

1- Open Notepad

2- Write these three words “Shutdown inn text” in notepad and save it as Shutdown.reg

3- Now go to the location where you have saved this file and double click on this file.

4- Import the file

(Your computer will shut down faster than before)

How to Create a File or Folder without any Name?

1- First of all select the file or folder which you want to remove its name.

2- Press F2, then Press and Hold ALT Key and then press 0160. Press Enter

3- Your file or folder will now be un-named..

How to clean program files with Run menu?

When you write any command in Run menu, few of past commands remain save in Run Menu drop down list. Furthermore the lists of programs which are currently running also remain in Run Menu. If you want to remove these lists from Run Menu then use this small yet powerful tip.

Open Run and type “REGEDIT”

In Registry Editor select this Registry Key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” from left side panel.

Now go to “Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > RUN MRU”

In RUN MRU Folder every last used information are saved. After clicking on RUN MRU folder there will be shown some values on right hand side window. Except “Default” file delete every file from this folder.

In this step restart your computer, now when you will see your RUN Menu drop down list, it will be emptied.

How to hide shared folders from Network?

To hide shared folders from your network location, simply add a “$” sign in the end of every folder name. By doing this your shared folders will be hidden from all users. Except those who know the correct location of that folder.


Smart Weight Loss Shopping Tips

Have you ever gone grocery shopping when you were hungry? And let me guess you probably bought a ton of junk food that you really didn’t need in the first place! Don’t worry even the best of the best have made that mistake before and the problem is that junk food and weight loss don’t go together.

Here are a couple of tips for you if you wanted to go shopping with a weight loss goal in mind:

Be prepared

Make sure that you have a meal planner with you when you go shopping so that you know exactly what you are looking for. Purchase all your healthy staples first like fruit, veg, milk and your whole grains so that you don’t ‘accidentally’ forget to pick them up later!

Make a list and check it twice

It’s easy to think, “I won’t worry with a list, ill just remember what I want to buy.” Only problem is that you end up buying everything, except what you actually needed. Make a list and make sure you have included all Thanh ly van phong tai Da Nang your healthy weight loss alternatives on it.

By making a list you will be more efficient and get through your shopping a lot quicker, which is something I like! You can use your weight loss menus as a guide and if you are really melancholy you can organise that list even further into the different sections of the store.

Be in the right place

Have you noticed, that almost anywhere you go, the stores are pretty much set up the same way? In most cases the fresh and healthy food is usually located at the edge of the store so that is where you want to spend most of your time. After all it is better to have freshly prepared meals because you know exactly what has gone into that meal, no hidden calories to worry about!

If you are hungry, stay at home

Try avoiding the shops when you are hungry as it is easier to buy calorie loaded junk food on impulse. This is how you set yourself up for success, if you don’t have that bag of crisps in your cupboard, you won’t eat them and therefore won’t consume the calories! If can’t avoid going shopping on an empty stomach, drink some water or snack on a fresh fruit.

Read nutrition labels

It always astonishes me when I read the labels of these low-fat and fat-free foods, just how many calories they are actually packing! That’s why it is vital to read all the nutrition labels of the food you buy so that you know exactly what you are buying. Also make sure you are comparing similar foods to each other so that you can be consuming the healthiest product.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself every now and then, if you have stuck to your weight loss program then it is OK to have that naughty treat once in a while, just don’t go overboard! Always be prepared when you go shopping and constantly learn new dishes so that you always have something new and exciting to buy.


Ask Your Local Travel Guru: What’s

Trip specialist: As you may definitely know, trip specialists thoroughly understand the best places to visit. They are the center men between the inns, carriers, the travel industry departments and the voyagers. More than likely, they have a chance to visit a portion of these spots so they can see everything for themselves-that is a really sweet advantage, eh? Normal compensations are somewhere in the range of $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 and in all probability be required to try out a type of preparing, regularly with the Travel Institute.

Independent Writer or Photographer: What a cool work this would be… voyaging everywhere throughout the world… investing your energy with different societies, seeing how the individuals impart, eat, rest and love. You really are “free”, handing-off what you see and experience to the individuals sitting on their love seat, a huge number of miles away. Just get… all things considered, it’s that one thing we discussed somewhat before: MONEY. Clearly, you won’t get paid before you get to these spots, so make certain to design this out du lich Phan Thiet somewhat, stock up some green in your financial records and get a few pointers on the most proficient method to convey what needs be with the pen and paper or with the camera. Attempt to build up a type of “following” so you have a decent base of individuals perusing and survey your substance. Try not to attempt to travel to India with a thousand bucks and an iPad, hoping to begin a touring blog that creates money, enabling you to meander the world for the following not many years. You should go to your closest gambling club and play blackjack. In the event that you can draw of this occupation (and to those that at present do this), I tip my cap to you-extraordinary work!

OK, since we have gone over a couple of the movement “occupations”, you might be stating, “admirably, I like my activity at the present time and don’t generally want to manage those individuals and flying the nation over multiple times, just to rest in Des Moines for the evening.” If you’re in the middle of employments, simply out of school or basically need to take a “sabbati

Traveling is simply a brutality of humanity, it is when we travel that we see things for what they truly are and not how we imagined them to be. Traveling also lets our imagination run wild without expectations, it lets us see things from a new perspective, without the alleged prejudice of the world. And while all of this seems to be an adequate reason to travel, many are still naïve to the idea of traveling.

But just as many are left in the dark to wonder and wander, some are out there exploring and enjoying what the world has to offer them, for it is in that brief moment of youth that we can truly experience life, as we know it.

Now the question of many remains, “Why Should I Travel Young”? Personally, I can give you a hundred, even a thousand reasons why you should travel when you’re young but if you’re desire to see the world begins and ends with your “Wish to See the World” then I’m afraid no amount of reasoning would suffice to convince you to go after what you want.

You see, traveling as much as it is a form of recreation is also a commitment, a vocation for some, but ultimately, it is a responsibility. A responsibility you should be willing to take onto yourself. Many people say that the young are lucky to have the health and the wealth to see the world but what they do not realize is that the young are often distracted, deceived and sometimes, deluded.

So if you’re one of the young’uns who wish to unearth the world’s greatest places and learn life’s most valuable lessons, but are afraid to make it happen, read along, maybe I can convince you to travel while you still have the gift of youth.

  1. Traveling teaches you a sense of adventure- Don’t quote me on this one but based on my experience, traveling allows you to have as much as fun as you want without having to worry of what other people will say about you. You don’t have your peers or parents to warn you and judge you, so you can be young, wild and free. Life is an adventure and traveling lets you experience that.
  2. Traveling teaches you to be compassionate- Other than the photos, the souvenir and the life-long memory that traveling gives you, it also edifies you of the real situation and teaches you to care for other people, sometimes not of your own kind.


Movie Review of the Day

Movie of the Day: “ Hole in One” staring Steve Talley. Seriously waste of time as the thought would be at least a funny golf movie. Ha ha. There’s your 2 laughs!!

Length: 1:35:56

Viewing Date: 09-20-2010

Rating: 3.00 (not even funny, movie quality was blah, storyline incredibly unbelievable)

Movie Review: My words of wisdom on this one is leave it on the video shelf because if you wasted your dime going to a theatre I feel for you. It was tough enough to get through the long drawn out comedy, should Visit:- have known Golf and Comedy, unless it was a Tiger Woods satire, jumping on the Tiger Woods shinanigans over last 12 months, I am sure that was the marketing ploy.

Movie is about ace golfer Eric who is senior in high school hustling most golfers in the local Golf Course, whose Caddy buddy calls him to alert him of the suckers willing to bet. Even the act of being “played” or hustled wasn’t even performed right. Two doctors who hustle him into the most ridiculous outcome expected, but I will say I have never heard of a better way of getting somebody to pay back a Bet.

I won’t ruin the dramatics but outcome was as usual expected and didn’t even crack one laugh other than the chinese guy ( Now he was funny). However, other than watching it to see a few “topless” scenes (I am sure just for Marketing promotions… couldn’t figure any other scenes to show with their 2 minute previews). Nothing else was anything more than a 2 or 3 on my review scale. Stay away is the real deal. 2 Thumbs down is my opinion on this one.

Like I say barely enough words to give a review without feeling like I am just wasting more time writing about “nothing”. Till tomorrow I will search out a good new title (hopefully….see that’s the thing about Hollywood and movies in general….its like a box of assorted chocolate that until you bite into it….you never really know what it is or how it will taste and make you feel… but funny enough I ranked it 3.0 and went to IMDB site and its at a 3.2, maybe I should start to look at a review before I watch a movie and do a review!!! Unfortunately thats not my style a true movie buff watches everything themselves and makes up their own mind. That is why we call it “Our Opinion”.)


Adult Videos – A Review

People often view xxx adult videos solely in the light of pornography. However, there is an emerging genre of xxx adult videos that falls under the class of sexual health. What makes these xxx adult videos so provocative is that in addition to their instructional qualities, they still maintain a highly charged, visually erotic, sexually stimulating atmosphere. Nina Hartley, porn star legend, has created a series of educational xxx adult videos that have house-wives everywhere singing her praises.

The fact is Nina Hartley is more than just an Adult film star. She is also a registered nurse who graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University. Needless to say, having made over 475 xxx adult movies gives her extensive knowledge of sexuality and sex education. Nina Hartley’s xxx adult videos are filled with captivating, imaginative and quality instructions.

Even better, these how-to guides are tantalizing and sensuously appealing, definitely arousing the libido of any couple seeking to enhance their sexual literacy. Nina Hartley’s series of xxx adult videos leaves no topic untouched. She has Visit:- videos that cover topics from bondage, oral sex to lap dancing. These step-by-step instructional videos also include spanking, domination and swinging.

Nina Hartley’s xxx adult videos demonstrate advanced sexual techniques that can be explored by any man or woman. The videos are deliciously explicit and highly graphical in detail. She explains each technique and adds tips from her very own work experiences.

And that’s not all, the collection comes complete with dozens of erotic techniques to explore and experiment within the privacy of your own home. If you’re seeking a rewarding sex life, then Nina Hartley’s instructional xxx adult videos are packed with creative techniques that shows you how to have the best heart-pounding sex of your life. Join other couples on their journey to sexual literacy and explore steamy lovemaking techniques.

Best of all, Nina Hartley’s educational xxx adult videos will help to make your wildest fantasies a reality. YOU deserve to have incredible orgasms and mind-blowing sex. So, find out for yourself…you’ll be glad you did!


Perfect Wealth Formula Review

Have you been thinking about joining the Perfect Wealth Formula? This article provides a review and may help to answer some of your questions about this business opportunity.

Jason Pearson is the founder and CEO of Perfect Wealth Formula. Jason has had success in real estate and with online marketing.

When you join Perfect Wealth Formula, you will see videos that are aimed for the average joe. The videos are extremely straightforward and informational about proven and effective marketing tactics and niches. This can be very beneficial to its members, especially the ones new to online marketing.

What is also really good is that there are many e-books on a variety of subjects including easy ways to earn money online, getting your site listed in the top ten organic listings on Google at no cost, search engine optimization, and countless others, which are definitely the problem areas for many online marketers. Once you figure out these methods, making money with Perfect Wealth Formula will come a lot easier.

Perfect Wealth Formula has two packages to choose from when joining. The first package is the Bronze package which cost $697 to join. When you join, your sponsor gets $100 bonus override. The second package is the Silver package, which costs $1697 to join. When you join, your sponsor gets $200 bonus override.

The products being offered for the Read Evergreen Wealth Formula review price of admission are well worth the price, which makes the Perfect Wealth Formula stand out from other business opportunities of this kind. The product is called Powerhouse Marketing System. It allows new members, regardless of their skill level, to successfully utilize the power of the internet and generates sales on daily basis.

The trainings provided are just as though Jason is right next to you and helping you every step of the way. This is something that is so great with this business, especially for new internet marketers. This is because the biggest reason why people who fail with online businesses lack the knowledge of knowing how to market effectively.

In conclusion, Perfect Wealth Formula provides substantial value to its members. Whether you are new to online marketing or a seasoned veteran, there is something for everyone with this program.

Poker is One of the Fastest Growing Games Online

The law happened January 19, 2009, yet consistence was not required until December 1, 2009. In May 2009, Chair of the House Committee on Financial Services Barney Frank presented 2 bills. The first to topple the usage of the UIGEA and the second to postpone the execution of the UIGEA for one year. The subsequent bill was ordered yet just expanded the execution until June 1, 2010.

As of now we saw many, if not all traded on an open market poker, gambling club and sportsbook administrators leave the US showcase. The greatest and most managed poker destinations and gambling clubs could never again acknowledge USA players.

This leaves us where we are today, with FullTilt Poker, Poker Stars, Absolute Poker and never again tolerating new or existing USA players. Americans can never again appreciate a take a break at the most regarded online poker destinations that were accessible to them.

So I thought this was the United States of America, home of the free? Well perhaps home of the expense paying free. The United States government didn’t get a penny in income from charges from online poker and gaming locales. Truth be told, the United States presently needs to give the island country of Antigua concessions in exchange after a World Trade Organization (WTO) administering.

A significant business and income generator for Antigua is/was gaming. Antigua went to the WTO with an objection that the US was infringing upon arrangement commitments by not permitting Market Access to its inhabitants and the WTO concurred. Antigua at that point made a 3.4 billion dollar guarantee against the US which they have not gotten a penny. Rather the US conceded concessions in different parts. The US is really losing cash by offering such concessions instead of permit its residents access to web based gaming.

The concessions were never made open in light of a legitimate concern for “National Security” considerably after Barney Frank and Ron Paul expressed the concessions “could cost the United States billions of dollars in remuneration” and requested the understandings to made open. To date we don’t know these understandings have ever been made open.

Presently the legislature is accusing officials of Money Laundering and making allegations that web based gaming supports fear mongering comprehensively. Well I pose this inquiry, if an organization is traded on an open market on the London Stock Exchange, and their budgetary records are open information, how might they channel cash to fear mongers. Not saying it couldn’t occur, yet it would be troublesome.

Presently US occupants must play at gambling clubs and poker locales that are not traded on an open market, and their financials don’t should be open. The lawful, beneficial, regarded locales can never again permit US players.

So what do we know and increase from the UIGEA?

We realize it was passed at last without appropriate research by controllers.

USA inhabitants can never again play at authorized, traded on an open market gaming destinations.

It has cost the United States millions if not billions in exchange concessions to Antigua.

It cultivates an illicit venture without guideline.

It places US residents in hurts path by not enabling them to play at the best poker and gambling club locales.


Seo Elite Review On Google Top 10 No-No’s

So, you want to be in the Google Top Ten? Then this Seo Elite Review on the Top Ten things to avoid when designing and optimizing your website will ensure your website gets maximum exposure without incurring penalties. Seo Elite Experts Worldwide have graciously contributed to this Google top ten article and at this time agree that the following list of optimization no-no’s are valid at the time of writing.

Seo Elite Review To Title Tag Stuffing

Stuffing the title tag within your website code is possibly one of the quickest way to drop out of the Google top ten. Titles such as “Keyword Stuffing, Stuffing Keywords, keyword stuffings, keyword stuff” is simply not going to cut it in the eyes of Google, and with so many word repetitions is almost a guarantee of getting a Google demotion. This tends to happen when Google’s ‘secret police’ suddenly throw up a red flag against your website’s structure and demote or in the worst case scenarios, totally ban your website for such practices. Our Seo Elite reviewers continually find this type of practice being utilized to try and influence the search engine algorithms. Seo Elite Advice – Title tag stuffing is a No-No !

Seo Elite Review of Image Alt Tags

There seems to be a prevalence these days to using the alt (alternative text) tag on images. Repeat a keyword phrase more than once within this alternative text and on more than three to four images in total for a page, and it is in our view a sure fire way to drop out of the Google top ten search results. For maximum benefits using the alt tag, the seo elite reviewers agreed to choose the initial four images within a page and add not only targeted keyword phrases but to take into account the new LSI PARAMARKETING algorithms. Seo Elite Advice – Image Alt Tag Stuffing is a No-No !

Seo Elite Review To Keyword Stuffing Within Website Content

Attempting to raise keyword density percentages by continually repeating keyword phrases within the content of your website will have a two fold effect. Firstly it will affect the flow of words to be read on the page by your visitors, and more times than not will just be a visual turn off. secondly it will drop your website like a stone from the Google top ten, even possibly sending your site back to the Google black hole. I personally find that a keyword density of between 1.5 and 2 percent is sufficient to beat your competitors in keyword density. Seo Elite Advice – Too High a Keyword Density is a No-No !

Seo Elite Review To Comment Tag Stuffing

Comment Tags are used to include design notes in the background source code when creating a website page. Comment tags are supposed to be used only for adding instructions or reminders to your html code; previously, these tags were used to artificially increase the keyword phrase count / proximity for targeted keyword phrases.

There was some time ago arguments that this comment tag stuffing technique worked, but it has always been a “Black Hat” SEO technique which could result in a drop out of the Google top ten. These days this type of seo technique will not help your website, if anything it will either be ignored completely by Google or produce a negative search engine placement result. Seo Elite Advice – Comment tag stuffing is a No-No !

Seo Elite Review To Hidden Text

Betting on NFL Games

The National Football League has everything that we love in sports. It has the great athletes. Some of these guys are actually scary how big and athletic they are. Guys that are 6’5″ and weigh 250 pounds should not be able to run as fast as they do. The sport also has great talent. The quarterbacks are able to throw the ball so accurately and the wide receivers make outstanding catches every week. The NFL also has great games. On any given Sunday, even the worst team in the league has a chance to beat the best team. It makes every game exciting to watch and must see TV

It is not surprising that more people bet on NFL games than any other sport. In order to be successful, you must avoid the most common betting mistake that people make. This mistake is simple, they fail to bet objectively. This most commonly occurs when people are betting on their favorite team’s games.

Betting on games that your favorite team is competing in can be a great way to win bets and make money. After all, you know this 토토사이트 team as well as anyone does and you should have an idea when they might lose and when they should win. If you want to make money betting on this team, you must bet against them when you think they will lose. Not many bettors are able to do this as they feel they are rooting against their favorite team if they bet against them.

If you are able to bet against your favorite team, you have proven to yourself that you can bet objectively. This is extremely important and if you continue to do so, you will win bets and make money.

You should also be well aware of where the game is being played. Home field advantage is very important and teams that playing at home win a far greater percentage of their games than on the road. Look at each team’s win loss record at home compared to on the road and this will help make the betting decision an easier one.

Data Entry Home Work

The world is becoming populated day by day and at the same rate are the office jobs decreasing. Hence, there is a need to find other jobs. Data entry home work has decreased this problem to much extent. Now people can find these jobs all over online and they can choose the right job for which they have the tools to do.

Data entry jobs do not require any unique skills for the job. All it requires is the user to know how to operate a PC and use the internet service. If one has these tools and word-processing software, then you are the perfect candidate for the job. You just surf the internet and find the right job for you and that’s it. Just finish the contracts and money would keep pouring in your account.

To be successful at data entry home work, let’s get on with some tips on how to proceed with this profession. Most jobs ask you to edit or add the data or even make spreadsheets out of them, therefore it is very important that you know how a word processing application works to execute instructions easily and rapidly. Make sure you are not working for a scam company which won’t pay you for your services. To reduce this risk, make sure you do a through check on the company, its reputation and confirming whether it did give the advertisement for data entry cleric job or not. Some of the data entry works also require publishing ads for the company’s products, so pick that job only if you have strong management skills, otherwise it will only bring wastage of time and fatigue to you.

These were the thing you needed to know before starting this type of home work. Make sure you work hard and do as much research about the jobs as you can to have the right legit job and right pay. Believe in yourself and become a home data entry cleric today.