Important Spy Camera Pieces

A spy camera is a complicated piece of equipment that’s actually quite easy to explain. A camera lens transmits images to a receiver which then broadcasts those images on a TV screen, monitor or even on a personal computer. And while inside each component of your nanny camera is a complex section of wires and circuits, it’s those two important units that make your nanny camera what it is. Without them – and without having them function properly, your micro spy nanny cam will simply be a high-tech piece of junk that won’t actually do anything that you want it to.

So, we’ve determined that the camera and the receiver are the most vital components of a spy cam. Let’s elaborate on those pieces so that you can enjoy a better understanding of exactly what they do, how they work and how they contribute to enhancing the Lawmate USA safety and security of your family, home or business location.

Camera Lens

This is your eye when you can’t be there to watch and see for yourself. The camera is the part that actually catches and records everything that happens within its field of vision. The great thing about the camera lens is that they can be incredibly small in size. There are exceptionally small camera lenses – called pinhole lenses – which are literally less than 1″ in diameter. With spy cams, it’s important to always understand that the camera lens is your window to everything that’s going on. Without it, you won’t see anything and your nanny camera won’t record anything.

That’s why pinhole camera lenses are so valuable. You can place them just about anywhere and not have to worry about anyone locating it or detecting it. Remember, the camera lens has to be in some clear location where it can have an unobstructed view. An exceptionally large camera lens will be easily discovered, thus neutralizing the “hidden” aspect of the spy camera. But, a small lens can be placed in any room and nobody will ever know that it’s there.

There’s one truth to always remember when it comes to spy cameras and the behavior of people: when people know that they are being watched, they will modify their behavior to make themselves appear in a favorable light. When they think they’re alone is when their true behavior and intentions come to the forefront. A well hidden camera lens will always capture and record the truth, because nobody will know that it’s there.

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